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Outdoor Innovation Copyright 2014

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Outdoor Innovation Ropes Courses, Outdoor Classrooms and Outdoor Games Games
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Each Outdoor Innovation activity is designed to challenge individuals and groups with real life problems that are both relevant and meaningful.


We provide practical tools for:


• encouraging strategic thinking and behavioural awareness

• building on and developing a progression of learning outcomes

• accommodating different learning styles and preferences in unique ways

• discussing group processes and transferring learning to other areas

• engaging and motivating your clients with a variety of new approaches


Outdoor Innovation products allow you to be creative, focused on outcomes and seen to be doing things differently. Ultimately, they enable you to facilitate the experiences of your clients by challenging and developing their thinking in new and more dynamic ways. This will provide them with the skills they need to be flexible, work well in teams, solve problems and make strategic decisions.


Please note: all Outdoor Innovation products and activities are made to order and every wooden product is made by hand in our workshop in Wales. Please email or phone with your specific requirements.

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