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We provide annual inspections and routine maintenance for the ropes courses we build, high or low. We also inspect and maintain courses constructed by other providers and in-house builds at outdoor centers, schools and play parks.


If you have a ropes course we can provide:


• certified inspections & reports

• maintenance schedules

• arboricultural inspections

• risk assessments

• procedures for use

• construction and technical advice

• staff training & assessment


If you are thinking of adding to or changing to your current ropes course we can include your existing structure in the maintenance programme. We can also inspect single high ropes activities. What ever your need regarding your ropes course we can assist or know someone who can! If you have questions about how we can help you make your ropes course meet ERCA Standard EN 15567 Parts 1 & 2 Construction and Safety Requirements for Ropes Courses, please send them our way!

Ropes Course Inspections & Maintenance


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