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We would like to offer you an opportunity to easily and purposefully engage learners in interesting, exciting and memorable experiences both inside and outside the outdoor classroom.


If you have an outdoor area that could do with being used in a more creative way then we have just the project idea for you! A low ropes course, a few low level challenges, some training and development resources, a small shed to keep them in and a covered area to gather under in inclement weather, make for a luxury classroom in your outdoor space. If that sounds a bit expensive and there are other schools near by, perhaps consider creating a shared resource for several schools. We helped build one just like that in Lancashire, the Lancaster Eco-Activity Forest (LEAF).  


We are flexible on design, work with you and can find a way to create just about anything... Sometimes an idea may come from a teacher's sketch of their desired outdoor space or a drawing that a young person may have created as part of a dream playground project. We can quote for a full project including fencing and landscaping or can construct components for part of your project.


Ultimately, outdoor classrooms are designed as a space for your pupils to think differently and allow you to provide them with structured time for activity and focused reflection in order to develop a sense of self in connection with the outdoors.

Outdoor Classrooms


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